we are hox HOX

The HOX project is a unique project that strives to bring wholesome happiness to all humanity. The philosophy driving the project is based on empirically proven scientific research.
More exciting is the model of earning while becoming happy and sharing happiness. Science has proven the four critical hormones that guaranty happiness as briefly summarised below and the HOX project focuses on the ultimate hormone, "oxytocin": to unleash happiness to our world. Please check our

Hox Project :
  • Created by a Scientist
  • Powered by Timafz
  • Focuses on Share Economy
  • Blockchain Based Project
  • Solves Critical Problems
  • Revolutionize the Blockchain Sphere
  • Under Quality Control Principles
  • Has Proven Mathematical Approaches

what hugo app diffuse What?

Share Economy
HOX aims to provide positive interaction between people with sharing economy.
Customer Loyality
Hox has every parameter for business that makes customer loyalty constant.
Active-Passive Income
Hox guarantees you a profit in both a moving and stable life cycle.
Donation Culture
Hox makes both the donation campaign initiator and the donee happy.
Social World
Hox brings people together in the frame of love and profit with many tools and services.
Tradeable Value
Hox token adds value to your pocket by trading on the exchanges via usdt, btc, eth and many crypto currencies.

Hox Token Usecases

33 Million HOX Token ( 100M Total Supply, 67M Mintable) will be used in the following purposes:

hox allocation plan works

Team Meet

Academic Advisor and Software & Blockchain Developer
Willy S. Codoni
Software & Blockchain Developer
Marketing and Communication Specialist
Quality Control Manager & Marketing Advisor
Hasan Topal
Quality Control Manager & Marketing Advisor
Arma Fahrudin
Graphic Design Specialist
Al Kadir Bedi
Community Manager

Hugo App Memberships HOX

  • Users
    For HOX Token and Discount Hunters
    Users are happy
    Users who paid hox to the Hugo App at the membership rates shown in the picture on the left get both hox and discounts, which increase exponentially.
  • Bizs
    For Businesses Asking Loyal Customers
    Businesses are happy
    Businesses that have hox membership to the Hugo App at the rates shown in the picture on the left expose both hox and customer rain, exponentially increasing.